GCSE Writing Moderation event

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GCSE Writing Moderation event

Contributor: Steven Fawkes

Language of text: All languages
Type of text: Developing variety
Author or source: ALLNE teachers
Intended age of students: Key Stage 4
Source reference: Attached is a booklet of sample texts and a marking scheme (AQA specification) for moderation activity.
Rationale: ALLNE and Newcastle High School for Girls ran a GCSE Writing Moderation event in February 2018

Delegates contributed texts they had marked which are collated in the attached document along with the host school’s marking scheme (the schools involved use AQA).

Feedback in the plenary was that the event was a great success, with some collaboration planned on writing and a request to listen together to mock speaking to see if we are marking that consistently too.

THE NE colleagues suggest that the document might be a good resource for MFL teams to use in a Department meeting or CPD session to look dispassionately at pupil work across three languages to moderate their assessment of pupil work.
They found that they all honed their marking accuracy based on group discussion, with everyone leaving feeling more confident that they were ‘doing it right!’
Discussions in the groups explored questions such as:
Does accuracy only count under one heading, or will deductions be made under ‘communication’ or ‘content’ as well?
e.g. Can the points for timeframes be given if the tense markers are not completely accurate?
(i.e. How sympathetic will markers be?)
How occasional is occasional?
Do all opinions need to be justified?
Are errors the same at both levels? Or is a minor error at the Foundation level considered a major one at the Higher level?

They also agreed that they could use some of the pieces as starter writing tasks with pupils for AFL and creative writing using extended grammar and complex language structure to improve.

They also discussed how much opportunity pupils have had to write under test conditions over two years, and will all try to build in more opportunity in SOWs after a two year go at the new course.

The group hopes to meet again in June / July 2018 to listen to speaking mocks to go through the same process as here with the Writing.

Jennie King and Steven Fawkes

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